Semiconductor Plant Expansion Project

Storage tank specs:

Process water tanks – 24.5m Diameter x 7.8m Height ( 3 Tanks )
Fire water tanks – 14.5m Diameter x 8.4m Height ( 2 Tanks )

We are proud to have recently completed a project for a local semiconductor plant in Singapore.

The installation of three process water tanks and two fire water tanks was completed within six months. With a specialized team of installers, ATL undertook the project to lay a stable foundation with bitumen and constructed the tanks alongside all the civil and M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) work that was happening around us concurrently.

Our versatility and speed came into play since we could construct the tanks taking up minimal footprint on-site and reducing the number of safety hazards. Our installers have been trained and have the relevant experience to conduct the work smoothly. With their familiarity of working on past projects, daily objectives were met on time without compromising on workmanship. Being able to install the tank close to the ground with hydraulic jacks, coupled with the fact that no welding is required for the construction of the tank, significantly cuts down on the time spent on work-at-height and hot-work safety measures.

With the fabrication and coating of panels done at our factory, we have advantages during assembly when all parts are present on-site. Laser-cut panels ensure that dimensions are spot-on and bolt holes can align seamlessly. Powder-coating was done in a controlled environment, not affected by weather or site conditions, providing a consistent and durable coating. Quality checks after fabrication are done on every single panel with all the documentation compiled in an FAT report.

After installation, a simple pinhole test and torque check are sufficient to ensure that the parts have been assembled in the right manner and sequence.

All in all, installation time is shortened and commissioning deadlines can be brought forward, without compromising on safety and quality.