Tank accessories and industrial firefighting equipment

As K-Float’s official distributor in Singapore we are able to supply the following items that will suit your additional requirements:

– Aluminium dome roofs
– Internal and External floating roofs
– Roof drains
– Floating suctions
– Oil skimmers
– Aluminium silos
– Loading arms

– Joints
– Valves
– Level guages
– Other devices
– Foam chambers
– Fire fighting equipment
– Fire protection system

Aluminium dome roof

Our aluminium dome roofs have been proven to be a valuable accessory to help effectively reduce vapour emissions, minimize contact with the atmosphere and the protection of stored products from being contaminated.

The dome roof is an economical solution that can help to reduce operating costs with its low maintenance and simple installation.

Internal/External floating roof

With the wide applications of our floating roofs in various plants in the world, we often find a need to provide customers with different types of seals for their effectiveness to be maximised.

All our floating roofs are made of top grade aluminium, stainless steel and rubber materials so maximise strength and corrosion resistance.

Advantages of choosing K-Float floating roofs:
– API 650 Appendix H standard
– High efficiency in vapour loss prevention
– Excellent sealing system
– Wide range of storage application
– Superior chemical resistance
– 100% Aromatic protection
– Eco-friendly design

Other Devices

In order to get closer to the goal of being a one-stop shop for tank users, we are able to assist in supplying the following items:

– Guage hatch
– Slot dipping device
– Check valve
– Jet mixer
– Rupture disc
– Breather valve
– Emergency vent cover
– Flame arrestor

– Diffuser
– Rolling ladder
– Guide roller
– Vapour cap/Packing
– Level Indicator
– Gauge pole float
– Gauge pole socks

Professional industrial fire fighting equipment with fire protection system

Having begun manufacturing fire fighting and fire protection equipment since 1966, we have been at the forefront of innovation in this industry. Along with our commitment to quality, value and customer service we will ensure you receive the highest quality we have to offer.

Our products are as stated:
– Hydrant and Post indicator valve
– Fire monitor
– Fire nozzle
– Fire hose
– Foam equipment
– Fire valve and connector
– Deluge and alarm valve system
– Special fire equipment and cabinet