ATL has been supplying and installing bolted tanks for bulk liquid and solid storage since 1998, we have provided our services to consultants, EPC contractors and also end-users themselves.

There are many uses for our tanks and their proprietary coatings, in Singapore they are typically used for storage of pre-treated water, post-treated water, process water, back-up water, fire water, demineralized water, wastewater, and more. Our esteemed customers come from many different sectors, e.g. Public Utilities for water and energy, Pharmaceuticals, Semiconductors, Data Centers, Aerospace, etc.

We design and supply the tanks according to our customers’ specifications and work around any limitations to ensure that the storage solution is the best fit for the project. We can also provide inputs in the design phase so that approval criteria is met when plans are submitted to the authorities. Every project that we undertake is unique and they all come with its own set of challenges, however with the capabilities of our manufacturer and our installation crew, we have completed all projects that we have undertaken.

We are wholly focused on bolted steel tanks and we have dedicated, full time personnel, specially trained by the fabricators to handle the installation. Our team can operate independently with minimal assistance from our customers to handle the project from enquiry till commissioning.

Having amassed a wealth of experience from previous builds along with overseas installations, our crew is able to adapt and work with any scenarios that may happen on site. Throughout the years we have tweaked and streamlined processes due to our familiarity of the installation, we know our customers’ expectations and we have set standards for our crew to uphold.

The quality and workmanship of the final product is of great importance to us as we view our customers as long-term partners whom we would want to work together with project after project. Our services as an installer has been recognized by governmental and private bodies with letters of commendations and certificates of excellence.

We are not just able to install tanks but also do retrofitting and repairs of existing tanks. Customers’ with tanks of all kinds of brands do consult us when they have leaks they cannot solve on their own and we do offer advice and services within our means. 

Safety on site is our top priority and we have navigated the system from when rules and regulations were not strictly followed till it is now. We are aware of how often regulations change but we are always prepared to comply to what comes up. Despite having rules that may affect daily activities we strive to produce good quality workmanship and achieve project success with compromising on safety.